10 years of ESYLUX

10 years of ESYLUX in Belgium, Denmark and Portugal

This year, it is not only the ESYLUX brand that is celebrating an anniversary. 2019 also represents an important milestone for three of our subsidiaries, meaning that they can now look back on a successful ten years since they were founded! We posed five questions to Rikke Schmidt Sørensen, Sales Operations Manager Nordics, and Cristiano Dias, Managing Director of ESYLUX Portugal.

Rikke Schmidt Sørensen, Sales Operations Manager Nordics
Cristiano Dias, Managing Director ESYLUX Portugal

How was it finding your feet in your respective markets?

Schmidt Sørensen: In Denmark, we had a really strong start and lots of positive energy. The market welcomed us with open arms! We didn't have many competitors – that was obviously a big help, as was the quality of our products. Everything moved along at an incredible pace.

Dias: I think the secret to our success was the fact that everything we did, we did with passion, professionalism and sincerity. The ESYLUX brand instantly became synonymous with »that special something« – a brand that has more to offer than simply great products. This strength can be further evidenced by the way in which we conduct our business.

What has changed for you these last ten years?

Schmidt Sørensen: As you would expect, competition sprung up eventually. But the good thing about competition is that, in the end, everyone benefits from it. It strengthens the motivation of those involved even more, and has driven us to improve our performance over and over again. Aside from that, we've gained a great deal of experience over the years and have managed to build lasting relationships with our customers and partners. Because of this, we're now in a better position than ever before.

Dias: During the initial phase, we benefited from the fact that the Portuguese government injected a lot of money into the construction and renovation of public buildings such as schools and hospitals. Today, we're seeing more investments in the private sector, and the competition is growing. That calls for us to be more adaptable and, needless to say, requires us to sharpen our competitive edge.

What do your customers like about ESYLUX?

Dias: Our customers know that we listen to them, value them and care about them. It is often precisely these qualities that make the difference. In our daily contact with customers, we try to find a perfect balance between adaptability, commitment and professionalism. As a result, our customers come to view us as a good friend on the other end of the line – a friend who is also able to find a solution to meet their individual requirements.

Schmidt Sørensen: Our customers also know that we'll be by their side every step of the way. We support them right up until the successful completion of their project. We love what we do, and our customers recognise that.

What do you personally like about ESYLUX?

Schmidt Sørensen: ESYLUX is a company of countless opportunities, not only in terms of our range of products, but also when I consider my colleagues and my own role as an employee. The relationships we maintain with one another are all special in some way, not to mention incredibly valuable. And at ESYLUX, when you really want to develop and work hard at it, you have all the opportunities you need to help you succeed. What's more, there's so much variety. It's certainly never boring!

Dias: ESYLUX is like a family, one in which you're openly encouraged to put forward your own ideas, aspirations and expectations. It's more than just a marriage of experts, top-quality products and a modern brand – it's like a second home, one where you're always welcome.

What do you expect to see in the future?

Schmidt Sørensen: As an organisation, we're stronger now than ever before. Aside from this, the continuous development of our demand-driven lighting solutions has meant that we now have a much bigger range. The ELC lighting systems, for example, have really caught on in Denmark, and customers love our ALVA bollard lights that are protected against sea air. No wonder, considering Denmark has 7314 kilometres of coastline! I'm certain that product solutions such as these have paved the way for a successful future.

Dias: The future always poses a challenge. However, due to the synergy we've created between automation and lighting, I strongly believe that we can accomplish great things across the globe. In 10 years' time, we'll have to meet up again to chat about our expectations for the next 20!

The ALVA bollard lights not only reduce night-time light pollution with the help of their integrated sensor system; they also prove their worth in coastal areas thanks to their housing, which is protected against sea air.