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Invitation to tender text

Invitation to tender text


KNX DIN rail module

User interface: ETS-Software

Control system: KNX

Installation type: DIN rail

Installation position: Switching cabinet

Dimensions: Length 90 mm x Width 216 mm x Height/Depth 65 mm

Installation dimension: Installation length: 90 mm x Installation width: 216 mm x Installation depth: 65 mm,

Weight: 522 g

Protection type: IP20

Protection class: II

Permissible ambient temperature: 0 °C...+45 °C

Relative humidity: 5–93 %, non-condensing

Colour: grey

Nominal voltage: 29 – 31 V DC

Power consumption: 0,4 W

Number of inputs: 0

Power loss: 8 W

Rated current: max. 10 A

Rated current (cos phi = 0.8): max. 10 A

Min. switching capacity: 0,1mA / 1V

DC switching capacity (resistive load): 10 A / 12 V DC

Switching capacity incandescent lamps: 1600 W

Switching capacity engines: 746 W

Switching capacity inductive transformers: 1000 W

Switching capacity fluorescent lamps (parallel compensated): 1000 W

Switching capacity fluorescent lamps (uncompensated): 800 W

Horizontal pitch (HP): 12